Spark plugs had been an in-demand plug since the day automobiles were built. And just like anything in the world, spark plug manufacturers have made improvements on the spark plugs to coincide with the evolving technologies and design. Spark plugs now are built with heavy-duty components to be able to work on either light or heavy vehicle.


Spark plug manufacturers have made different types of spark plugs whether it is for everyday use, for high-performance or for heavy duty kind of usage.

You can be sure that there is one suited for your need.




There are different types of spark plugs being built by Hersteller von Zündkerzen and being sold in the market. The different types of spark plugs are copper core, iridium, platinum, and double platinum.


The copper core spark plug is the cheapest spark plug in the market. The spark plug can withstand usage of up to miles in each use. After which, you have to change your spark plug to a new one. More so, copper core spark plugs have the longest conductor thus it can offer very good performance while it last.


Meanwhile, the iridium spark plug can work longer than the previous as it can last up to 60,000 miles per use. Furthermore, the optimum performance of this spark plug is achieved at low temperature. However, the downside of this spark plug is that the performance is not as great as the copper core spark plug. It because the material used in the plug is less conductive than the copper core spark plug.


Just like the iridium spark plug, the platinum spark plug works well at low temperature and can last twice the lifespan of the copper core spark plug. But the downfall of this product is that it is susceptible to overheating thus making its performance poor.


Talking about the double platinum spark plug, this spark plug is the better version of the platinum spark plug as it has a longer life expectancy and it contributes well to the performance of the engine. If you are getting a spark plug with great life duration then this one is the one for you but do not expect a very good performance from it.




To be able to serve the public better, many produttore di candele are in the market selling their top of the line products. However, there are spark plug manufacturers that have gotten the trust of many automobile owners.


The more popular produsen busi according to the ratings and comments from the users (not in particular order) are Denso, Bosch, Autolite, ACDelco, NGK, OEM, Roush Performance, MSD Ignition, Motorcraft, E3, and Craftsman. There are still others spark plug manufacturers that are up and coming and proving the worthiness of their products.




In summary, there are choices of spark plugs for your car from the type to the spark plug manufacturer, however, the best advice that should be given to a buyer is to read the car owner’s manual prior to shopping for a spark plug. Always follow the recommendation of the car’s manufacturer to make sure you have not voided