Needless to say, spark plugs manufacturing basically involves a range of testing processes to ensure that the spark plugs manufactured are up to standard. A plug is a piece of small equipment used to transfer current from the ignition to the engine combustion chamber. The plug is solely responsible for starting your car engine. The conditions necessary for starting the car engine are compressed air and fuel.


The bottom part of the spark contain cleavages that basically fit into the car engine. Remember that there are different sizes of the plugs. Even on the same type of cars the plugs sometimes greatly vary.


Needless to say, fabricant de bougiesnot only help to create electric fields for starting the car engines but they are also used for measuring the amount of ionization in the engine. This is mainly common in the Saab automobiles.



Basically, an electric field is created at the ignition coil. The spark plug helps to accelerate the voltage and hence increasing the ionization levels. Basically helps to ionize the gases and the gasoline in the combustion engine.

As the voltage increases,  the gases continue being ionized and hence when they reach the dielectric level current is able to easily pass through and the engine roars to life. Later a small fire lights up burning and hence causing the car engine to start.


Spark plug specification

Basically, the spark plugs are constructed in various and unique ways. In most specifications, they are specified by size, the average thread size and lastly by the space at the bottom part of the spark plug.


There are basically different parts of the spark plug


Basically, the terminal helps to connect the spark-plug to the ignition systems or to other parts of the car engine. The end terminals in the spark plugs can also be used for a variety of many other functions. More to that the end terminal is designed in a way that it can be configured to fit in a big variety of connections.


Between the spark plug is an insulator that is used to neutralize the effects of electrons in the central node of the spark-plug-in.



Basically, there are various electrodes at the centre of the produttore di candele. They usually help in releasing charge from the spark in the engine. The electrode is contained at the center of the plug.

More to that the other parts of the spark-plugs are made by alloys and hence can be taken.

There are also other minute details about the spark plug. There is also a rib profile that protects sparking at the head of the plug. We also have other features like the flanged ring that is used to secure and insulate.

Recently car performances have highly gone up. There has made manufacturers incorporate precious metals in the car engine spark plugs. This includes metals like platinum and iridium not forgetting silver.  The plug should always be keenly looked at to ensure that it does not get destroyed. Proper maintenance of the Hersteller von Zündkerzen ensures that it takes a longer time.