Though the spark, the plug is small, the development of a spark-plug is quite a difficult process. On the sides of the spark plug contains an insulator made of aluminium oxide that protects the electrode from conducting electricity.


Using precious metals makes the spark-plugs become a faster conductor. For powerful cars, you need to ensure that you use precious metals that can easily and speedily conduct electricity.  These precious metals include platinum and silver. Some high-end cars even use gold.


There have been very small variations since the first spark-plug that was manufactured back in the  1940s. However recently, there have been changes in the manufacture of spark-plugs. They have a model where they use compressed air to aid in starting of the engine.




The first step in the maintenance of spark-plug is ensuring that the gasoline you are using is pure. You should always check your engine and ensure and unplug the spark-plugs by looking at the terminals. Remember, spark-plugs are basically a very important part of your engine since they help in starting your car. You can imagine your car stopping at the middle of the night and the spark-plugs are down.


The main function of the spark-plug is to help ionize the gas and gasoline in your car engine chamber. Different spark-plugs require a certain amount of voltage to start the engine. You should check the desired voltage of your spark-plug before you purchase a car. Higher performance cars generally require higher performance spark-plugs. Remember when purchasing your spark-plug you must also ensure that you look at some things like the nut structure. The main factor производитель свечей зажигания




The first integral part of the spark-plug is the electrode. Different spark-plugs are made up of different types of electrodes. The electrode is inbuilt at the centre of the spark-plug. When purchasing a spark-plug you should ensure you look at the size specification before you purchase your spark. It is usually written at the insulated part of your spark-plug which looks whitish.  However, when buying your spark-plug you should also look at the type of nuts.


When the ignition is started, the voltage is sent to the spark-plug. It forms a current that flows through the electrode at the centre of the spark-plug.  So as the current increases the dielectric level is reached, at this point the gasoline and air reach ionization points and hence easily conduct electric current and hence speeding up of your engine.


The topmost part of the spark-plug is referred to as the terminal. It is usually regularly changed to ensure that different nuts can fit in at any particular time. Generally the longer the spark-plug the more the amount of resistance in the spark plug. Since spark-plugs have seals that help to block the combustion chamber, you should ensure that you buy plugs that are able to properly seal airtight.The best spark-plugs that have seals are made up of glass. The spark-plug shell helps in conducting electric sparks to the top of the terminals. Basically, you should be keen to ensure you look at the above factors before you purchase your spark-plug.