No matter how small or big, cheap or expensive, simple or luxurious a vehicle is, it will not start if it has old, dingy and worn spark plugs. The size of a spark plug is not as immense as the engine or the tires of a vehicle but without it, the car will not be able to bring your destination of choice.

Ever since the productions of cars begin, the production of spark plugs has also started. There are many spark plug manufacturers in the world. And as to which one is the best, the answer would certainly vary.


EYQUEM is a company founded by a French lawyer in the person of Maurice Eyquem in 1886 however it only became a fabricante de bujías in 1899 after Louis Renault who is a friend have requested Mr. Eyquem to create an ignition system. Since then, it had been manufacturing spark plugs and is now being considered as the oldest spark plug brand in the world as it is still very active at present.

Another achievement of the Eyquem spark plug was on December 8, 1913, when Arthur Duray was able to attain a speed of 211.661 km/h on his FIAT S 76 at Ostende.

For more than a century of being a производитель свечей зажигания, Eyquem Company has collaborated with many car makers to make less polluting and high-performing car engines. Because of the longevity of the company, it has made a name in the industry and has been chosen as the preferred partner of various automobile car makers.

Bosch Spark Plugs

Way back a century ago, Robert Bosch had made a breakthrough by developing the prototype for modern spark plugs when he was able to create the paramount of the high-voltage ignition system in the world in 1901 at Stuttgart works. The achievement has then replaced the other magnetos that are commonly used such as naked flames and glow tubes.

And on January 7, 1902, the patent of the spark plugs was endowed to Bosch and the rest is history.

To present, Bosch has become not only amongst the oldest bougies fabricant but also among the leader and most popular in the industry of spark plugs. More so, Bosch had become a trendsetter in the spark plug industry as it has developed of not less than 20,000 spark plugs types. Furthermore, the production has greatly increased over the period of years and the company is proud to disclose that it is able to produce spark plugs over 350 million each year.

The company may have been in the industry for 110 years but the company is confident to say that the performance and the standards of the spark plugs have improved with time.

Small as it may seem, spark plugs have been part of the history not only of the car makers’ account but as well as other types of machinery that needs an ignition system. And even with the size of the spark plug, it can trigger electricity to the engine that can move even the biggest mode of transportation.