The look of a spark plug is just so ordinary that unless you are an engineer or a car enthusiast, you will not that is has a great role of starting up an engine. When you fly rockets to the moon, you will need a spark plug. If you want your luxurious car to bring you to your desired destination, the spark plug has a role in it. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you will not be able to ride your motorbike and take a cruise without having a spark plug on your motorized vehicle. So by now, you have inkling as to where the spark plug is being used. In a much simpler word, this small electric device is the one responsible for igniting the engine.


The history of the spark plug manufacturer is tailing the history of the automobile manufacturer. In other words, the spark plug is already present for over 17 decades. As the year progresses, many spark plug manufacturers are now playing in the market. However, the best one is cannot be determined because every engine is different from one another. However, the listed below are the leading playmakers in the spark plug industry.


  1. NGK Spark Plug


Founded in 1936 the bougies fabrikant from Nagoya, Japan, NGK Spark Plug is among the leading companies that have expertise in technical and automotive ceramics not only in Japan but in the whole world. Furthermore, in the year 1959, the first factory of spark plug of NGK that was built outside of Japan was constructed in Brazil. Later on, the company has expanded worldwide with factories in Malaysia, the US, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.


At present, NGK Spark Plug is not only known as a forerunner in manufacturing spark plug but as well as other technical ceramics.


  1. Bosch Spark Plug


In the year of 1902, Robert Bosch was awarded the patent for the high-voltage ignition system. The invention made by Bosch was the premiere in reliable ignition system thus making a breakthrough in the automotive spark plug industry.


Being in the industry for more than 11 decades, Bosch spark plugs have evolved to 20,000 different types and to date was able to make over 11 billion of it. And because of the long history that the Bosch Company has, many automobile manufacturers have placed their trust in this well-established tändstift tillverkare. Not only was the company able to serve cars, but the spark plugs they are producing are also being used in Jet skis and boat engines, garden equipment, forestry equipment, water pumps, gas engines, and generators.



  1. AC Delco Spark Plug


The French have always been the leading spark plug manufacturers especially the early years of the 20th century. However, the spark plugs during those times have limited usage and at the same time very costly.  Albert Champion is the man behind the AC Delco Spark Plug. He is a racer from France who moved to Michigan and built his own manufacturing plant which is the Champion Ignition Company. However, because of the disagreements between the investors, Champion was let go of his own company. With the help of the Buick Motor Company, Champion then again build his new empire, the AC Delco. A few years past, AC Delco was acquired by the United Motors Inc., and Champion moved from a buji üreticisi to become a tile manufacturer.