In order to start your engine and move your car from point A to point B, you must have the little giant called spark plug under the hood of your car. It may be little in size but definitely has a giant role not only to cars but to every motorized vehicle. A spark plug is essential to every motorized vehicle because it triggers electricity towards the engine by heating up the gas or the air mixture.




The history of the spark plug began 17 decades and a year ago when Edmond Berger invented the first ever known spark plug. But sad to say, he was not able to patent his invention thus the credit was not awarded to him. Documents show that the first patented spark plug was the one invented by an Englishman which is Sir Oliver Lodge. His invention led to the establishment of Lodge Igniter in 1903 which was spearheaded by his children. The year after that Albert Champion, who was a known racer of bicycles and motorcycles, start making and selling spark plugs. The money that he had saved from his small business was the one that he used to start the Champion Ignition Company at Michigan. However, things did go swiftly for Champion as investors created scenes kicking him out of his own company. But then again, Champion has found his way up when he was appointed as the president of AC Spark Plug Company with the help of the Buick Motor Co. The spark plugs manufactured by AC Spark Plug Company were used during the famous trans-Atlantic flights of Amelia Earheart and that of Charles Lindbergh. Furthermore, the infamous flight to the moon of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Mike Collins used the spark plugs made by AC Spark Plug Company on the rockets second and third engine.


Fast forward to the present, the spark plugs had seen better days and many spark plug manufacturers have innovated the old prototype of the spark plug. There are 4 most common types being produced by the different produsen busi and these are the copper core, single platinum, double platinum and iridium spark plugs.


The copper core spark plugs are ultimately the basic one of the four. The longevity is not that much compared to the other three but still, it can get you from point one to point two. The single platinum spark plug is the next option. Aside from its longevity, it can start up an engine even at a lower temperature. The other spark plug innovated by most fabricante de velas de ignição is the double platinum spark plug. It is the improved version of the previously mentioned spark plug. It has a longer lifespan and still capable of performing its job at a lower temperature. The iridium spark plug is the top of the line when it comes to spark plug.




However, most or if not all buji üreticisi recommends that car owners must follow what the car manufacturer suggest in terms of which one to use. There is nobody more reliable source of information other than the one who made and assembled the car itself. So if your car manufacturer suggested that you use the iridium spark plug, then there is no other option but to use it.