There are many automobiles from light to heavy on the road nowadays and so does the number of drivers. However, not all drivers are aware of the different parts of the vehicle and they are not particular with the maintenance and the likes. What is important to them is that as long as the car is running, the car is good to go.

However, the fact of the matter is that every part of the car is vital for its performance and longevity of use. And one of the most critical components of a car is its spark plug.

Sparks plug may be a small thing but without it, your car will not start and you will not be able to reach your designation. If the spark plugs are worn, old and dirty, the engine of the car cannot reach its optimum performance and the durability of the car as a whole will significantly decrease.

Having all said that, there are many spark plug manufacturers in the world that could not only provide you with a good performing spark plug but also will not rob your wallet or bank account. Which spark plug to buy, will only depend on what you and your car will need.


Choosing the Best Spark Plugs

The number one advice mostly given to many car owners is to check from the car manufacturer’s the kind of spark plug that is ideal for the car make and model. To do so, the car owner must read the owner’s manual of his vehicle. There is nothing more reliable source for that information other than the manual itself as the car manufacturer has the right knowledge for what the car engine need and the kind of spark plugs intended for the car make.

The produttore di candele have developed four types of spark plugs and these are the copper, single platinum, double platinum, and the iridium spark plugs.

If you have an old model car, the spark plug that is ideal to is the copper spark plug. Meanwhile, single platinum spark plugs and modeled after the previous. And it is the spark plugs of choice for newer vehicles. On the other hand, the double platinum spark plug is intended for the waste spark system. Thus, if your car requires double platinum spark plugs, you can upgrade but never downgrade to copper of single platinum. Lastly, the iridium spark plugs are considered as the best spark plugs in the market. Produsen busi had innovated this kind of spark plug for a better performance of the car’s engine.


Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge as to the different types of spark plugs, you should know when to replace your car’s spark plug. The Fabricante de velas de ignição have specified the recommended life span of the different spark plugs. However, it is better to replace old and worn spark plugs prior to suggested service interval in order to remove the plugs with ease. Spark plug manufacturers can be easily reached as they each have sales representative that you can easily approach.